How to Look Great In your Photographs

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Everyone wants to look good in their photographs.  Here are some helpful tips to look your best.


1.  Choose appropriate clothing for your group photo or individual image.  Solid colors,usually in darker shades are good because they draw attention to the face whereas patterns and stripes draw attention to the body.   Fitted clothing makes everyone look less bulky and flatter the figure.  Long or ¾  length sleeves are preferred.  Its best to wear something you like, you feel good in, and you are comfortable wearing.


2.  Great hair and shine free makeup applied heavier than normal, will look good under the lights for glamour shots or portraits.


3.  If you are going to be outdoors for family pictures, the hour before sunset is the best light.  Never look directly into the sun because people have a tendency to squint their eyes. Midday overhead sun causes dark shadows under the eyes.  Side light or back light is the best.  Back lighting requires a fill light to highlight the face.


4.  Always turn your body so that you are not looking square into the camera.  Shift your body so that your weight is more on your back leg and bend the front knee. Do something with your hands, like thumb in the pocket, hand on hip, or hand holding your shoulder strap or jacket edge.


5.  Great posture is so important.  Leaning forward a little also helps reduce a double chin.


6.  Try to relax and give a genuine smile.  Remember this is suppose to be fun and you want to look happy!


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