The Internet is NOT Shutting down on March 8th

You may have heard some recent media teasers about the Internet being shut down on March 8th. This is nothing more than a sensationalist headline-grabbing ploy to generate viewer/reader-ship.

The truth is that the Internet is not shutting down on March 8th…got it? Here’s the straight and simple.

Last year millions of computers worldwide were infected with a Trojan virus called DNSChanger. What this Trojan did was change some of the internet settings in your computer to redirect your web browsing through their own DNS servers instead of your Internet provider’s. By doing this, they could then send further infections to your computer as well as direct targeted advertising to you.

Why Some Computers May Lose Internet

Last year, after an exhaustive international investigation, law enforcement agencies found and arrested the culprits behind the DNSChanger Trojan. However, because the infection was so widespread, including many corporate networks around the world, it was decided to temporarily replace the rogue DNS servers with clean ones so as to give everyone adequate time to remove the DNSChanger from their systems and restore correct DNS settings. The court order permitting that is set to expire March 8, 2012.

The only way this will impact you is if your computer is still infected by DNSChanger. Fortunately, you can easily check this by going to , a site operated by the German government, with which you can test your computer for a DNSChanger infection. If infected, it will provide removal instructions.

This information provided as a courtesy by Nick, the Computer Guy, 480-242-4997.

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