Xtraman Fundraising | Featured Arizona Company for May, 2012

Contact person: Krisitn Loving, kloving@xtramanfrundraising.com

Xtraman On Facebook: www.facebook.com/xtramanfundraising

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When schools, churches, sports teams, boyscout troops, or any other non-profit organizations need help raising money, Xtraman Fundraising is where they go. Rocky and Randy Soderman started the discount card company in 2007 out of their home. They quickly realized the demand for their product and moved their business to an office in North Phoenix.

Xtraman works with non-profits all over the country to create customized discount cards that are similar in size and look to a credit card. The non-profit can choose how they want their card designed. There is the option of including local and internet discounts on the card or internet only. Xtraman has worked hard to provide their clients with the most options possible; offering over 300,000 internet discounts. Because X-traman offers so many discounts, non-profits are able to sell their cards to friends and family all over the country.

Xtraman continues to be a step above their competition when it comes to customer service. They understand non-profits face more financial concerns than many other organizations. Because of this they offer non-profits the ability to pay for their cards one month after they are received. X-traman wants to ensure their clients are happy so they send a free sample card before proceeding with any orders. Xtraman Fundraising focuses on their customers wants and needs and have great success in doing so.


To find out more about Xtraman and how this Arizona business can help you raise money for your company, visit their website at www.xtramanfundraising.com or call 800.405.6020


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