Dental Practice Development Coach Sara Fossen Helps Practices Build The Right Team

Arizona-based business development expert passionately helps dentists help their patients.

As a business development expert for the dental practice sector, Sara Fossen and her SARA dental practice coaching & development business provides assistance to dentists in building their teams and focusing on their practices. Utilizing a specific business technique and applying her expertise in the field, Fossen works with dental offices and assesses their positions in the market, analyzing the areas that need improvement. Ultimately, she “discovers what’s missing” and “fills in the blanks” allowing the practice to thrive.

“I hold the dentists in my client network accountable for what they tell me they want,” explains Fossen. “In return, they get to the next level (personally and professionally), while I keep them focused on their goals and their success targets. Indeed, I am the dental field’s personal trainer of sorts; when one visits a trainer, he or she works harder and is more motivated.”

Fossen is a small town girl originally from Minnesota. She formed her passion in dentistry at an early age. Fossen started her as held different positions in her dental career. She started as a hygiene assistant, dental assistant, treatment coordinator, and, eventually an office manager. Directly working for a dental practice, she learned quickly just how vital a healthy mouth and a full set of teeth impact a patients’ quality of life. The difference quality hygiene/dentistry makes in people’s lives was a major motivating factor, driving her to explore a hidden passion for helping dentists ultimately help their patients.

Though occupying a unique niche of business marketing in it of itself, Fossen’s SARA Dental Practice Coaching & Development stands apart from other business coaching approaches in several ways. First and foremost, Fossen and her team develop customized plans for each of their clients once a practice is assessed and a business evaluation has been made. Working directly with the dentist, Fossen gets the doctor intimately involved with the business plan to better his or her practice – while many competing business development coaches simply put a plan into action and watch from a distance, many times not even visiting its clients’ offices, the experts at SARA Dental Practice Coaching & Development is 100-percent hands-on with the dentists it serves.

“At the end of the day, a dentist who is looking to go to the next level with his or her practice should give my firm a call,” concludes Fossen. “Even if a particular dentist is seeking some structure in the business or perhaps practice development or team development – we are the right people to see. A doctor who passionately shares a willingness to improve his or her practice would make excellent business partners with us.”

Contact Sara Fossen at 480-703-9154

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