Sprint Business Account Executive, Ryan Tharp – Helping Arizona Business Work Smarter

Many business owners today are left on their own to struggle with the ever-changing technological advances in the workplace. Ryan Tharp, Business Account Executive with Sprint, has made it his goal to make sure their struggles are turned to relief through the help of his products and service. He understands there are many businesses which need help in streamlining their processes in order to remain competitive. Through his customized analysis, he is able to help business owners overcome obstacles that delay productivity and stifle growth.

When asked what sets him apart from his competitors, Ryan responded, “We position wireless technology solutions for businesses to make them more efficient. We help them get rid of the paperwork and the multi-entry processes that waste time and money. Ryan continues, “Sprint offers a “try before you buy” option. We know our product is going to help them, so we let our clients use it for free for a short time. After they’ve implemented our solutions, they know they’re making the right decision.” Continually exceeding client expectations every day is his number one goal.

Ryan works personally with local business owners to create win/win company relationships who want to implement technologies like:

  • Mobilize their workforce
  • Fleet telematics and tracking solutions
  • Work order management and paperless forms
  • Inventory control and tracking
  • Mobile payments out in the field
  • Wireless and Direct Connect services
  • Cloud back-up solutions
  • Security and video surveillance

Give Ryan a call today to see how he can help your business more efficient through mobile technology.

Ryan Tharp
Business Account Executive
Cell: 602-832-2328
Desk: 623-806-8581


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