Candace Johnston, Unique Skin Therapy for Desert Residents

Unavoidably, Arizona residents are exposed to extreme weather — and that can mean trouble in the heat of our Arizona summers. Without proper care, our skin can easily become rough and chapped. Arizonans know all about dry, itchy, painful skin that easily cuts, scratches, cracks or splits.

However, there is relief and Candace Johnston has the solutions with her expertise of Arbonne skin care products.

“I call myself an educator in skin therapy,” says Johnston. “The skin is the largest organ in the body and it has to be at its best to properly protect us.” She realizes that Arizonans love to embrace their beautiful state with outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, skiing, golfing, and cycling. “It’s wonderful to enjoy the outdoors,” she claims. “But it doesn’t have to happen at the expense of having healthy skin.”

Johnston is an esthetician, an expert in maintaining and improving skin. She has been educating clients about keeping their skin healthy and beautiful for over eight years. Even though most of her clients deal with the same desert climate challenges, each has his or her own skin type and quality. Johnston analyzes clients’ skin needs by considering factors such as age, skin type, ancestry, allergies, medical concerns, prescriptions, and lifestyle. With personalized skin care evaluations, she teaches the client how to effectively care for their skin and treat unwanted problems.

Johnston features Arbonne skin care products, internationally well-known for purity and safety. Formed from botanicals, Arbonne products never contain parabens, animal products or testing, or potentially harmful chemicals. Arbonne skin and hair care products are an ultra- premium line available from her through individual customized recommendations.

Whether you live in the Phoenix area, further south towards Tucson, or in the northern Flagstaff area, it is important to have a hydrating skin regimen that includes bathing in warm, not hot, water; using gentle cleansers; and applying appropriate products that address skin issues such as acne, anti-aging, sun protection, razor burn or rejuvenation. A personal skin analysis can determine exactly which Arbonne botanical products are best for you. Give Candace a call at (480) 710-0293 for your personal skin analysis.

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