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Trail Breakdowns No Obstacle for Off Road Rescue Team

Eliot Colsten is used to getting people safely out of a tight spot; he’s been doing it for over a decade. The transition was a natural one when he decided to open Arizona Off Road Rescue and Towing a year ago. AZORR specializes in the recovery of all types of off-road vehicles including jeeps, dirt bikes, quads, trucks, and cars. The company is quickly becoming known throughout Arizona for its fair pricing and its professional recovery techniques.

Colsten says his customers can expect on-trail repairs and recovery provided by a highly-skilled team using the latest in equipment and technology. “I’ve been helping people for fifteen years and I wanted to take my passion and turn it into my business. For me, it’s not about the money it’s about getting people out of a bad situation.” The staff at Arizona Off Road Rescue and Towing prides itself on a rapid and safe response. If necessary, a crew member will travel ahead to the breakdown location to determine the best equipment needed. Repairs can be done on site by ASE certified off-road mechanics.

If a damaged or burned vehicle needs to be removed, the AZORR team provides both rescue and towing services while keeping any harm to the environment to a minimum. Services include replacing parts, changing tires, and transporting water or fuel. HAZMAT and EPA clean-up services are also offered.

The company has invested in major equipment purchases over the last several months to provide state-of-the-art property recovery. A recent acquisition is a boom for the firm’s Power Wagon. This allows the safe removal of a vehicle without additional damage. The new equipment tolerates a tongue weight of up to 3,000 pounds so that an UTV or quad can be physically picked up and towed instead of dragged from the scene.

The company is very focused on the safety of an individual in a crisis situation. After an off-road incident a person can be frightened and unsure of what to do. When AZORR team members respond to a call, they are also prepared to provide wilderness first aid should it be needed. Colsten is a wilderness first aid responder and both he and his staff will soon be EMT certified.

For more information about AZORR off road recovery services, please visit

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A&J Cleaning – Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Cleaning You Can Rely On

Every day living causes wear and tear on our homes, particularly our floors. What with constant trekking on our carpets, water damage to our bathroom and kitchen tile, stains from fallen drinks or dropped condiments, and animal odors that permeate our furniture, our floors and upholstery take quite a beating. There comes a time in every home-owner’s life when the best thing to do is call a service for those grimy tiles and stained carpets. A & J Cleaning in Chandler, Arizona is an excellent choice for many reasons.

J.T. Burchett, owner of A&J Cleaning is a fine example of what the company stands for and what sets them apart from other businesses. His knowledge of the industry provides an experienced quality to all of the work done by each and every worker at A & J. The integrity displayed through their honest pricing, communication and commitment is unmatched by other services. J.T. and his staff are punctual and take the time to understand their clients and their needs so as to know how to best serve them completely.

The passion that J.T. has for his client and for doing an excellent job shows through in each cleaning task. He loves to talk with his customers, and his people-oriented vision is what makes customers share their testimonies about his excellent work and customer service. His goal is to do such a good job that every client sends a referral. It’s not just about making money, but about making customers happy and building a reputation of integrity and greatness.

The services that are provided by A&J are extensive. They provide carpet cleaning to remove stains, pet odors and allergens, tile, natural stone and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning to extend the life of your furniture.  They even work on small restoration jobs to help get their clients back in their home as soon as possible after a flood. A&J has been satisfying clients since 1999, and their experience is a great testimony to the quality they have been able to implement into their service over the years.

So whether you are in need of a good carpet cleaning, or you are interested in restoring your bathroom tile, no matter what your cleaning need may be, J.T. Burchett at A&J Cleaning will be a listening ear and a quick and steady hand to clean whatever you need in the best way possible.

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Titan Alarm’s Nicholas Maska On The Cutting Edge Of Security Technology

Leading Arizona-based security firm proves why security and automation for any home or business “just makes sense” and why every customer is treated “like family.”

Phoenix, AZ – August 13, 2013 – Based in Phoenix, AZ, Titan Alarm has been a formidable presence on the U.S. security systems market, focusing on customer and employee satisfaction, superior technology, a higher level of protection, world-class customer service and a core value that inherently instructs all its affiliates to “treat customers like family.” Amongst those affiliates is Nicholas Maska, a security industry veteran for seven years and who boasts a sincere passion for providing superior security for his clients. This passion shines clearly through when Maska speaks of the industry in which he works as well as the way in which he helps people secure their homes and businesses.

“Customer service is what truly sets Titan Alarm apart from all competition,” states Maska. “The Company relies on its client’s referrals to succeed, and as such the Company has made a pact to always do an outstanding job – for all clients. Because we’re not as large as some of the other security behemoths out there, Titan Alarm stands apart and gives each client a more intense one-on-one quality service experience.”

Continuously on the cutting edge of security control technology, Titan Alarm is one of the fastest-growing home security and automation operations in North America, providing the number one top-selling system in America. In 2010, the company began a foray into the commercial fire and security market as well and has since assisted customers in retaining ultimate control of their access control and video surveillance systems via an online portal. Combined with intuitive Smartphone apps, pool alarms to protect kids against the dangers of drowning and mailbox protection for guard against identity theft, Titan Alarm’s systems have remained superior to many competitive alarm integrators.

“I enjoy security because I love the technology,” adds Maska. “But all of Titan Alarm employees and technicians enjoy working with each of our clients when it’s time to sell them a system because we get to become their liaison afterward…and that connection is utterly important to the core beliefs of the Titan family.”

For more information call Titan Alarm’s Nicholas Maska at 602-579-2047 or visit the Company website at

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