The Nephcure Walk Arizona

Saving Kidneys. Saving Lives.

Walk to support research for Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS

On Sunday, October 13, 2013 at the Kiwanis Park – Fiesta Ramada’s in Tempe, AZ.


San Tan Valley, AZ. 8-2013 — The Nephcure Foundation along with local patients will be holding a NephCure Walk on Sunday, October 13, 2013. The family affected is a committed member of the community. Elizabeth (Ely) Grau, age 50, has been dealing with FSGS-Focal Segmental Glomeruli Sclerosis for over 8 years. There is no cure for this rare condition, which affects the kidney filtering systems. Ely found out that she had this disease at the same time that her favorite basketball player Miami Heat Alonso Mourning was going through his kidney transplant for the same disease.  “I remember being told that if I did not attack it aggressively I would have to go on dialysis and would need a transplant within a year. It was scary to hear that, being a single mom with a 13 year old daughter at that time. Luckily the aggressive treatment put me in remission but it was at a cost. My immune system got bad, gained weight and lost a lot of my strength. I wake up everyday wondering what the day will bring. I can relapse at any given moment, with still NO CURE.”

With the cause and cure unknown and a continual increase of newly diagnosed patients, Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS, have become a concern to patients, families, and physicians. The Nephcure Walk will allow community members to give back locally and support families like Ely’s by participating in the fight to discover the cure. Registration for the walk will begin at 9:00 am and the walk will start at 10:00 am. There is no registration fee but fundraising is encouraged. Any walker who collects over $100 will receive a free T-Shirt. All proceeds will benefit the NephCure Foundation, an organization the Grau family has been supporting actively since Ely was diagnosed with the disease.

To sign up for the walk, join Ely’s team or make a donation go to:

Contact: Ely Grau: 480-347-8791 Email: (committee member Arizona)

Contact: Kelly Helm Phone: 719-510-7969 Email: (Colorado)

Click here for more information about The NephCure Foundation on Wikipedia and GuideStar



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American Family Insurance Affiliate Gerald Sajor Puts a Personal Touch On Insurance Needs

Award-winning insurance agent fuses honesty, integrity and passion for educating and helping clients.

The state of Arizona’s burgeoning insurance market has been taken to the next level with American Family Insurance affiliate Gerald Sajor’s agency. Gerald Sajor, an award-winning insurance agent, has become renowned in the local community for his personal commitment to his clients and their insurance needs, becoming what he calls their personalized risk manager. Through a fusion of sincerity, professionalism, personality and passion for educating and helping his clients, Sajor has created his own personal brand of service.  American Family boasts a proven track record in the insurance sector and has been rated number one for Claims Paid as well as number one on JD Power & Associates’ Customer Satisfaction survey for independently-owned agencies.

With a background consisting of business ownership and being a consumer, Sajor found a passion for utilizing all these areas in a culmination within the insurance agency profession. Further, his personal and sincere interest in homes, cars, boats, RVs and specifically motorcycles drove him to understand the necessity of safeguarding these precious items with formidable insurance coverage. “A combined personal and professional background has helped me relate to and assist my clients,” explains Sajor. “I value all the items my clients do and as such, I want to safeguard those items by insuring their value; I wish to be part of protecting that investment for my clients.”

The Gerald Sajor Agency provides Home and Auto insurance, Business Insurance (my specialty), Life and Health insurance. Boasting a number one rating in claims history, the agency, never questions whether a client’s claim is going to be paid: As Sajor puts it, “At the end of the day, our clients have me as their personalized agent. Customer service is defined as treating the customer as I would want to be treated. Therefore, I will always be available for my clients…they even receive my personal cell phone number as evidence of this commitment, and that’s not something you see every day.”

For more information on how Gerald can help you, please visit Gerald Sajor Agency


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Candace Johnston, Unique Skin Therapy for Desert Residents

Unavoidably, Arizona residents are exposed to extreme weather — and that can mean trouble in the heat of our Arizona summers. Without proper care, our skin can easily become rough and chapped. Arizonans know all about dry, itchy, painful skin that easily cuts, scratches, cracks or splits.

However, there is relief and Candace Johnston has the solutions with her expertise of Arbonne skin care products.

“I call myself an educator in skin therapy,” says Johnston. “The skin is the largest organ in the body and it has to be at its best to properly protect us.” She realizes that Arizonans love to embrace their beautiful state with outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, skiing, golfing, and cycling. “It’s wonderful to enjoy the outdoors,” she claims. “But it doesn’t have to happen at the expense of having healthy skin.”

Johnston is an esthetician, an expert in maintaining and improving skin. She has been educating clients about keeping their skin healthy and beautiful for over eight years. Even though most of her clients deal with the same desert climate challenges, each has his or her own skin type and quality. Johnston analyzes clients’ skin needs by considering factors such as age, skin type, ancestry, allergies, medical concerns, prescriptions, and lifestyle. With personalized skin care evaluations, she teaches the client how to effectively care for their skin and treat unwanted problems.

Johnston features Arbonne skin care products, internationally well-known for purity and safety. Formed from botanicals, Arbonne products never contain parabens, animal products or testing, or potentially harmful chemicals. Arbonne skin and hair care products are an ultra- premium line available from her through individual customized recommendations.

Whether you live in the Phoenix area, further south towards Tucson, or in the northern Flagstaff area, it is important to have a hydrating skin regimen that includes bathing in warm, not hot, water; using gentle cleansers; and applying appropriate products that address skin issues such as acne, anti-aging, sun protection, razor burn or rejuvenation. A personal skin analysis can determine exactly which Arbonne botanical products are best for you. Give Candace a call at (480) 710-0293 for your personal skin analysis.

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Dental Practice Development Coach Sara Fossen Helps Practices Build The Right Team

Arizona-based business development expert passionately helps dentists help their patients.

As a business development expert for the dental practice sector, Sara Fossen and her SARA dental practice coaching & development business provides assistance to dentists in building their teams and focusing on their practices. Utilizing a specific business technique and applying her expertise in the field, Fossen works with dental offices and assesses their positions in the market, analyzing the areas that need improvement. Ultimately, she “discovers what’s missing” and “fills in the blanks” allowing the practice to thrive.

“I hold the dentists in my client network accountable for what they tell me they want,” explains Fossen. “In return, they get to the next level (personally and professionally), while I keep them focused on their goals and their success targets. Indeed, I am the dental field’s personal trainer of sorts; when one visits a trainer, he or she works harder and is more motivated.”

Fossen is a small town girl originally from Minnesota. She formed her passion in dentistry at an early age. Fossen started her as held different positions in her dental career. She started as a hygiene assistant, dental assistant, treatment coordinator, and, eventually an office manager. Directly working for a dental practice, she learned quickly just how vital a healthy mouth and a full set of teeth impact a patients’ quality of life. The difference quality hygiene/dentistry makes in people’s lives was a major motivating factor, driving her to explore a hidden passion for helping dentists ultimately help their patients.

Though occupying a unique niche of business marketing in it of itself, Fossen’s SARA Dental Practice Coaching & Development stands apart from other business coaching approaches in several ways. First and foremost, Fossen and her team develop customized plans for each of their clients once a practice is assessed and a business evaluation has been made. Working directly with the dentist, Fossen gets the doctor intimately involved with the business plan to better his or her practice – while many competing business development coaches simply put a plan into action and watch from a distance, many times not even visiting its clients’ offices, the experts at SARA Dental Practice Coaching & Development is 100-percent hands-on with the dentists it serves.

“At the end of the day, a dentist who is looking to go to the next level with his or her practice should give my firm a call,” concludes Fossen. “Even if a particular dentist is seeking some structure in the business or perhaps practice development or team development – we are the right people to see. A doctor who passionately shares a willingness to improve his or her practice would make excellent business partners with us.”

Contact Sara Fossen at 480-703-9154

Sprint Business Account Executive, Ryan Tharp – Helping Arizona Business Work Smarter

Many business owners today are left on their own to struggle with the ever-changing technological advances in the workplace. Ryan Tharp, Business Account Executive with Sprint, has made it his goal to make sure their struggles are turned to relief through the help of his products and service. He understands there are many businesses which need help in streamlining their processes in order to remain competitive. Through his customized analysis, he is able to help business owners overcome obstacles that delay productivity and stifle growth.

When asked what sets him apart from his competitors, Ryan responded, “We position wireless technology solutions for businesses to make them more efficient. We help them get rid of the paperwork and the multi-entry processes that waste time and money. Ryan continues, “Sprint offers a “try before you buy” option. We know our product is going to help them, so we let our clients use it for free for a short time. After they’ve implemented our solutions, they know they’re making the right decision.” Continually exceeding client expectations every day is his number one goal.

Ryan works personally with local business owners to create win/win company relationships who want to implement technologies like:

  • Mobilize their workforce
  • Fleet telematics and tracking solutions
  • Work order management and paperless forms
  • Inventory control and tracking
  • Mobile payments out in the field
  • Wireless and Direct Connect services
  • Cloud back-up solutions
  • Security and video surveillance

Give Ryan a call today to see how he can help your business more efficient through mobile technology.

Ryan Tharp
Business Account Executive
Cell: 602-832-2328
Desk: 623-806-8581


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Express Employment Professionals, A Powerful Means of Arizona”Employment Insurance”

Express Employment Professionals, a leading customized staffing firm based in Tempe, AZ, occupies a unique position in the professional employment staffing market. Unlike competitive staffing agencies, Express Employment Professionals dedicates its time and resources towards finding the perfect individual for the given job opening, providing clients with a dedicated representative and background-checking each of its candidates on a federal level. Further, each candidate is thoroughly drug-screened and e-verified for United States work certification, with each of these elements explored before a candidate is sent to meet with a client.

“I like to think of our operation as ‘employee insurance’,” says Corey Cook, Express Employment Professionals affiliate. “We make sure production doesn’t slow down in a number of ways, but primarily we offer customized staffing needs to keep a business running; we guarantee every associate that passes through our doors, and our rigorous screening procedure allows a company to further evaluate performance. My team and I seek employees – clients – at every end of the pay spectrum, from young adults just entering the work field to master Chemists, for every possible staffing scenario.”

Express Employment Professionals serves local businesses with both full-time and temporary staffing and job staffing, in addition to boasting human resource services and consulting. Job seekers have access to employment options, advanced job search by location, professional job placement and full-service job testing and training programs. Employers looking for an agency that handles a reliable roster of potential employees are exposed to, when considering Express Employment Professionals, staffing solutions programs, temporary and contract staffing services, HR training and development, ISO-certified employee selection process, individualized staffing reports and tracking and even government level staffing.

“We never ‘undercut’ temporary workers,” concludes Cook. “In the staffing industry, this unfortunately happens all the time, the staffing company looking out for its own interests instead of its clients. Not so at Express Employment Professionals – we pride ourselves on successful hires. If an employee becomes a permanent hire and our client is happy, we have done our job. And, because of our level of integrity, we are regularly the subject of many referrals.”

For more information, visit Tempe Express Pros or call 480 413-1200/480 413-1139.

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Jamie Fletcher is Named a “2013 Women’s Business Enterprise Star” by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

(480) 921-3900 ext. 10119

Jamie Fletcher is Named a “2013 Women’s Business Enterprise Star” by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

To be honored before 1,000 at “Salute to Women’s Business Enterprises”


Tempe, AZ – March 18, 2013 –Jamie Fletcher, Chief Executive Officer of Mach 1 Global Services, will receive the nation’s premier award for excellence among women’s business enterprises (WBEs) bestowed by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) at its Salute to Women’s Business Enterprises. The annual event will take place March 14, 2012, before 1,000 corporate and government executives, WBEs and members of WBENC’s Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs) at the Baltimore Hilton, Baltimore, MD. 


Mach 1 Global Services is a worldwide transportation and supply chain logistics provider offering specialized services for their clients seeking solutions for distribution, warehousing and all levels of domestic and international freight services, including air, ocean and ground.


“Jamie Fletcher is an outstanding leader whose strategic and innovative approach benefits her clients and her company. She demonstrates the power of women’s businesses in driving sustainable economic growth,” said Pamela Prince-Eason, WBENC President and CEO, the leading advocate for and authority on WBEs as suppliers to the nation’s top corporations and government agencies.


“We are proud to receive this recognition by WBENC and cannot thank WBEC-West enough for the nomination. Our WBE certification and involvement with WBENC has been a tremendous asset to our growth and continues to open the door for numerous opportunities with its corporate members. ” said Jamie Fletcher.


Jamie Fletcher will be recognized for her leadership in business, her inspiration to other women, and her active role at the helm of Mach 1 Global Services.   The Women’s Business Enterprise Council –West (WBEC-West) selected Jamie Fletcher for this national honor. It is one of WBENC’s 14 Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs) that process WBENC’s world-class certification of WBEs, in addition to providing skills-building educational programs and business development opportunities in their regions.


Women business owners like Jamie Fletcher make such outstanding contributions to the US economy each and every day,” said Dr. Pamela Williamson, President & CEO of  WBEC-West. “ The WBENC Summit & Salute recognizes certified WBEs who have positively impacted not only the economy but their community.  Ms. Fletcher has been an active member of the Women Business Enterprise Council –West community for several years .  She has held the position of forum chair and forum vice chair for the state of Arizona in both roles she acted as both  a leader and a mentor to both certified and non certified women business owners in the region that WBEC-West services. WBEC-West would not be as strong as it is without  the support and education that Ms. Fletcher has provided.


WBEC-West is a regional partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), a coalition of corporations, WBEs and regionally focused women’s business organizations. As an affiliate organization, WBEC-West implements the certification standards of WBENC throughout Arizona, Colorado, Southern California, Utah, Wyoming, Hawaii and Guam. WBENC certification is nationally recognized and accepted by more than 10,000 major corporations. WBEC-West also supports corporations in their efforts to include WBEs in their supplier diversity programs. WBEC-West is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  For more information, please go to


Under the banner of the organization’s 2013 theme “Join Forces. Succeed Together,” WBENC’s Summit & Salute is a major national event designed to drive business development and collaborative success among WBENC’s Corporate and Government Members and WBEs. Sponsored by Accenture and Ernst & Young LLP, the two-day event provides vital access to the thought leaders, business intelligence and senior-level networking opportunities that enable sustainable growth.


About WBENC: The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is the leading advocate for, and authority on, Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs) as suppliers and vendors to the nation’s corporations. Founded in 1997, WBENC is also the nation’s leading third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women, with nearly 11,000 WBENC-Certified WBEs.   WBENC certification is accepted by more than 1,000 corporations representing America’s most prestigious brands, in addition to many states, cities and other entities. Throughout the year, WBENC and its 14 Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs) provide opportunities for interactions among Corporate and Government Members and certified WBEs at business building events and other forums.  WBENC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks and accepts donations from corporations, foundations and individuals that support its mission and programs.  For more information, please go to


About MACH 1: Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, Mach 1 Global Services is a global freight forwarder and transportation, logistics and supply chain management services provider. Established in 1988, Mach 1 is the 31st largest privately held corporation in Arizona and employs over 230 industry professionals throughout its 34 company-owned offices in the US, Mexico, China and India. Mach 1’s commitment to quality includes ISO 9001:2008, WBE, C-TPAT and US EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership certifications. For more information, please visit

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Arizona Powerball Winner Hoax in Facebook – What’s Hot in Social Media?


Arizona Powerball Winner Hoax in Facebook – December 06, 2012
What’s Hot in Social Media?
… with The Social Network Princess


Hey there, I’m Cindy with seenBEST Web Design.


So, a guy by the name of Nolan Daniels decided to upload this picture of himself claiming to have the winning ticket for the Powerball lottery last week. The jackpot was worth over $500,000,000 (that’s five hundred million dollars!). The guy uploaded the picture and then stated that he would give away a million dollars to a random person if they shared the image. The picture has now been shared over 1 million times on Facebook!


I came across it through several friends that had shared it on their page, but shortly after the ticket was confirmed to be a fake. This is not the winning ticket. One of the main parts of the ticket that proves it’s not the winning ticket is the numbers. The numbers should be in numerical order, a real ticket would have the numbers in order and this one does not.


You can tell that this image was poorly photoshopped, but a little of people did fall for the hoax and I must admit that I almost did so myself. Did you fall for the hoax? Share your thoughts with me.


Learn more about social media marketing on read more on our blog at


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Couple Shaves Head Due to Pregnant Wife Undergoing Chemo – What’s Hot in Social Media?


Couple Shaves Head Due to Pregnant Wife Undergoing Chemo
What’s Hot in Social Media? for Wednesday, November 28,2012
… with The Social Network Princess

Read this full story here:


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Student-Tutor, Helping Children Turn Their Academic Dreams Into Success

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

Today’s parents are often surprised to learn how commonplace it has become to hire tutoring for a child. Once viewed as a stigma, the use of a tutor in the past could have been a warning sign that a child couldn’t keep up with peers, or had a learning disability. With today’s status of education, however, a tutor can be a valuable resource that will help enhance the future success of every child, even those who are already bringing home terrific report cards. Modern tutors not only guide students through particularly tough courses, they also help elevate a student’s grades to the top of their class and, in the end, add polish to a child’s college application.

Locally owned tutoring company Student-Tutor provides highly effective and AFFORDABLE tutoring services. They are determined to help every child overcome academic obstacles and reach their greatest potentials. They can help in any situation whether your child is falling behind in a subject, has recently changed schools, needs exam preparation, or simply wants to get ahead with their education. Whatever the needs of your child, Student-Tutor will provide the necessary guidance to help your child exceed academically.


Unfortunately, it is common in today’s overloaded classrooms for lessons to be taught at a hectic pace. While teachers do their best to communicate a large amount of information effectively, they do so to classrooms packed full with an ever-increasing number of students. In this environment, and without the time for teachers to dedicate personalized attention, it’s easy for any student to miss important details. The type of details that may be necessary for students to know in order to pass important exams that will help shape their future. Student-Tutor has made it their goal to fill in gaps in your child’s education, helping them in any area they need or want to improve on.


Student-Tutor founders Todd VanDuzer and Laura Petersen have over 14 years of experience in tutoring and teaching students in K-12.  Laura earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she graduated magna cum laude, and a M.A. in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix. She is a certified teacher in both Mathematics and Psychology in the states of Arizona and California. Todd VanDuzer has an undergraduate degree for Marketing and Computer Information Systems at one of the best undergraduate business schools in the country, W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.


If your child has big dreams, they need to stay motivated and work hard towards their
pursuit to success. Student-Tutor provides extremely effective and affordable tutoring services where tutors truly care about assisting students with lifetime success.  They help students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities turn their academic dreams into reality!


Student-Tutor has already helped hundreds of students improve their grades, raise their test scores, and build their academic self-confidence. How can they help your child realize individual success? To find out, call Student-Tutor today at (480) 788-7004 or visit for more info.


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