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Barbara J. Bradley | Featured Arizona Business Owner for July, 2012

 Contact person: : Barbara J. Bradley

Web: www.mymorinda.com/3432513



Every year people spend billions of dollars looking for new ways to improve their health. Bioactive solutions are biologically available to the body, improving health in ways that go beyond what ordinary vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements can offer.


Morinda Bioactives is at the forefront of the bioactives industry. Their natural, bioactive-based FIT protein shakes, fat flushes, supplements, skin care products, and other health solutions promote “health without harm” and heal your body without the side effects caused by many pharmaceuticals.


Barbara Bradley knows first-hand the benefits of FIT. As a single grandmother with two adopted grandsons, Barbara had a big job ahead. Suffering from hypertension, chronic pain, weight gain, depression and low energy, Barbara started using the FIT products. Her body composition changed, she lost the weight naturally, her depression lifted, and her energy returned. Barbara decided to become a Bioactivist to help others learn about the healing benefits of FIT products and Morinda Bioactives.


Contact Barbara to schedule a FIT Party and get started on your path to a healthy life!


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