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Vote for The Best Local Bakery in Arizona! Social Choice Awards 2012


It’s that time of the year, and most of us love to use the holiday season as an excuse to indulge in treats, pastries, and holiday goodies. With the holiday season around the corner, we thought it would be great to find the best local bakery in Arizona.  Help us find the best local bakery by voting for your favorite place to satisfy your sweet cravings, VOTE NOW for the Social Choice Awards Best Local Bakery in Arizona.


The winner will be announced on December 20th. For those who do not currently have a favorite local bakery, use this list to pick your go to bakery for all your holiday goodies.


Read more about the Social Choice Awards here: www.socialchoiceaward.com


Here is a partial list of the local bakeries in Arizona you can vote for in the poll:

  • Sweet Cakes Cafe
  • Nadine’s
  • Wildflower Bread Company
  •  InPockets Bakery & Catering
  •  Stark Family Bakery
  •  Le Cave’s Bakery Inc
  •  Sugar Mamas
  • Near and Dear to Your Heart Cakes
  • Baker-Wee
  • Sugarlips Cakery

If you don’t see your favorite in the list, add it here!


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The Grand Canyon, Arizona’s Best Family Attraction – 2012 Social Choice Awards

Social Network Arizona reached out to social media for our Social Choice Awards and asked our Arizona friends to vote for the Best Family Attraction in Arizona. After 609 votes and 38 new entries provided by fellow Arizonans, the Grand Canyon has won with 42% (256 in total) votes! Congratulations to the Grand Canyon, our Social Choice Award winner for the Best Family Attraction in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most recognizable landforms on Earth, and is Arizona’s most distinguishable landmark. Stretching 277 miles long, with steep rocky walls descending over a mile in depth, the Grand Canyon is inarguably one of this planet’s most interesting places to visit. Although its origin and age are always a greatly debated topic among geologists, the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon cannot be disputed. We are fortunate to have such a natural treasure in our lovely state of Arizona!

According to the 42% of Arizonan’s who voted in our Social Choice Awards poll, the Grand Canyon is also the regarded as the best family attraction. It’s no wonder that Arizona’s nickname is “The Grand Canyon State” and the phrase “Grand Canyon State” appears on license plates throughout Arizona. If you have not yet visited the Grand Canyon now is a great time to start planning your trip. It is a natural wonder that you and your family simply have to see to believe!  Whether you visit the canyon for a day or a week, plan your trip ahead and make sure to take advantage of the many different activities you and your family can enjoy.

The Canyon has two distinct sides, the South Rim and the North Rim. Because it is the more accessible part of the park, the South Rim is the Grand Canyon’s most popular destination. The South Rim features the park’s headquarters, and offers a large collection of businesses including hotels, general stores, and much more you may need during your visit. The North Rim’s higher elevation and heavy snow cause the North Rim to close during winter months. Due to its remote location, it is the less visited area of the Canyon. It is ideal for visitors that want to take advantage of the quiet and relaxing beauty of the canyon in solitude.

Several activities you should definitely look into when visiting are tours around the Rim, including tours on bike, jeep, and mule rides, airplane and helicopter rides. The canyon is also a hiker’s paradise and offers miles of caves, trails, and cliffs to explore. The most popular trail, Bright Angel Trail, is 19 miles long and offers a comfortable and safe 2-day hike.  Whatever trail you decide, make sure you read the park’s hiking tips so that you’re prepared and well equipped. Rafting is another exciting way to explore the canyon, you can choose from several options for the length of your voyage to explore the canyon from the Colorado River.

Because it makes for such a fantastic family vacation, nearly 5 million people visit The Grand Canyon (http://www.nps.gov/grca/index.htm) each year. Every child’s visit to the Grand Canyon is always exciting and, to make it even more special, the park offers a Junior Ranger Program to kids age 4 to 14.

With its unique and surreal landscape, it is no wonder why the Grand Canyon was voted The Social Choice Awards Best Family Attraction! Be sure to take advantage of this inspiring landscape and the many adventurous opportunities your family will enjoy!

For more information:

The Grand Canyon on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GrandCanyonNationalPark

The Grand Canyon Family Programs: http://www.nps.gov/grca/forkids/jrrangerfamily.htm

As a tribute to the Grand Canyon, Social Network Arizona is holding a Grand Canyon picture contest. Post your favorite Grand Canyon photograph to our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/SocialNetworkArizona and the photograph with the most likes by November 15th, 2012 will win 15 “Weekly Winnings” tickets to the Arizona Lottery (A $30 value!).




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The Best Family Attractions in Arizona? Social Choice Awards, VOTE NOW! – Poll Closes October 19, 2012

Looking for a fun weekend with the kids? Vote in our latest Social Choice Awards poll and tell us where YOU go for the best family attraction in Arizona!

The poll will run through October 19, 2012 at which time a winner will be declared!

Read more about the Social Choice Awards here: www.socialchoiceaward.com

Click here to vote now!

Here is a partial list of family attractions in Arizona you can vote for in the poll:


Click the Vote Now button below to visit the poll and vote for your favorite(s)!




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Nello’s Wins Best Pizza – 2012 Social Choice Awards

The next time your family is craving pizza, give your family the pleasure of trying “The Best Pizza in Arizona”, Nello’s Pizza! You will surely wonder why you ever wasted all those numerous past pizza cravings on generic cardboard-tasting pizzas you’ll find at some other local pizza joints. Why did Nello’s win the “Best Pizza in Arizona” award? Maybe it has something to do with their perfectly baked crust. Or it could have something to do with the original, mouth-watering, freshly-made pizza sauce. Or maybe it’s due to the authentic Chicago style Italian recipes. Whatever the reason, Nello’s pizza is like no other!

Founded in 1983 by 1 of 4 brothers, Geno Mei, Nello’s Pizza originally started as a 16 customer capacity sandwich shop. Mrs. Mei, Geno’s mother, helped come up with the restaurant’s name which was compiled from grandchildren’s names.  The name was originally supposed to be Janellotico, but when it came down to signage, they came to learn each letter cost around $200. In order to save money they shortened the name to Nello’s. Though the first year was a struggle for the restaurant, they still managed to focus on making sure they took care of every customer that walked through the door.  Two of Geno’s brothers, Danny and Brian, jumped on board to support their brothers’ dream from the start.  Their hard work and dedication soon paid off and, a year after the restaurant opened, they were awarded the New Times award for “best pizza” who labeled it “a buy beyond perfection”.

Surprisingly, pizza was not originally part of the menu when Nello’s first opened, but was later added to the menu shortly after the restaurant was founded. Pizza is what they have become famous for, with their pizza crust recipe inspired by Geno’s mother’s fruit pie crust recipes. Two years after the restaurant was founded, his older brother Ray moved to Arizona from Chicago. Now, all four brothers became getting involved in the expansions and great success that followed. Eventually, each of the four brothers got the opportunity to manage their own Nello’s as they expanded to 4 locations all over the Phoenix area.

Twenty nine years later you can still find a Nello’s near you, with locations throughout the Phoenix valley. There is a Nello’s restaurant in Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix/Ahwatukee, and Scottsdale. Each location has roughly 80% of the same food and great recipes, but each has added its own unique twist to the menu. With a combination of great service and delicious food, there is no question why Nello’s was voted the 2012 Social Choice Awards best pizza in Arizona on SocialNetworkArizona.com.  Nello’s dominated the competition, receiving more than twice as many votes as the second place contestant.

We recently had the privilege of meeting with the owners of Nello’s in Scottsdale, Jeff and Virginia, to present them with their Social Choice award plaque.  They were such a pleasant, down to earth, friendly couple who provided us great hospitality and charming conversation. One thing that really caught my eye in the restaurant were the walls filled with art in every direction. These works of art are produced by local artists and the collection includes some very interesting artwork! Be sure to check out the art in the restroom on your next visit! The cool thing is if you like an art piece you see hanging on the wall, it’s probably up for sale. By purchasing the art you are showing support for Arizona’s local art scene.

Overall, Nello’s provides an awesome dining experience. The pizza is to die for, the atmosphere is very welcoming, and the staff is extremely friendly. If you have not had the privilege of tasting and experiencing a meal at Nello’s, it should definitely be on your list of places to try in the very near future. For a list of locations nearest you, visit http://www.nellosscottsdale.com/arizona/. Mangia bene!!


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The Best Pizza in Arizona? Nello’s, Social Choice Awards Winner 2012!

Hungry? Over 1,700 Arizonan’s voted in our latest Social Choice Awards poll and told us THEIR favorite picks for the Best Pizza in Arizona! The poll ran for one month between July and August, 2012 and was seen by thousands of people. Read more about the Social Choice Awards here: www.socialchoiceaward.com




THANK YOU to everyone who voted and congratulations to the winner!! THE BEST PIZZA IN ARIZONA as selected by fans in social media is Nello’s Pizza (locations valley-wide)! with 494 votes out of 1,702 total votes cast. Take a look at what they have won!

Offical Results:
Please consider visiting any one of these excellent Arizona restaurants:

#1 Nello’s Pizza with 494 votes (locations valley-wide)
#2 Oregano’s with 219 votes
#3 Barro’s with 167 votes
#4 Salernos with 117 votes
#5 Pizza People with 84 votes
#6 Spinato’s with 78 votes
#7 Rosati’s with 56 votes
#8 Grimaldi’s with 51 votes
#9 NYPD Pizza with 36 votes

Although the official results have been calculated, the poll is still open on Facebook! Click here to view the results and vote now! PS: Most choices were added by actual fans of the respective establishments!

Here is a partial list of pizza restaurants in Arizona you can vote for in the poll:


Click the Vote Now button below to visit the poll and vote for your favorite(s)!




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